Monday, March 23, 2009

Sin, Self and Sacrifice Revisited


I may have said that Pride was the root of all sin... But I had forgotten that we are all human, and as humans, we are imperfect. Thankfully, there is a side in all of us that sees perfection in what another may deem flawed. In turn though, this would mean that there are those that see pride as a positive trait... Some are even enchanted by it. So really, it all depends on whose eye one is trying to capture. I think that's what we've been missing.

Randomly this month, I seemed to be noticing a lot more compliments from Karo's friends. They say they've been thinking kind thoughts of us all along, but I haven't really taken their words to heart until now. Some people genuinely wanted to talk to us, to do mundane things with us and to visit us for the first time. There were some who even thanked us profoundly for being there for them. I was especially humbled when some told Karo that they loved her. I thank all these people from the bottom of my heart for their honesty as well as for feeling the need to tell Karo their positive feelings about her. All of this positive feedback and support has definitely been revitalizing.

We've been so... Distracted for the past long while, that we haven't had time to stop and admire how far we have come. Perhaps it has been because of the fear that once stopped, we would become lazy again if we found ourselves in a comfortable position. And perhaps if we did find ourselves comfortable, we would become prideful and stay there -which has been detrimental to us in the past. Pride was the drug that brought about stubborness in our addict-selves. Pride comes hand in hand with happiness after all; if you have anything that can put a smile to your face, then you are more than likely proud of having obtained/maintained it. However, as we all come to crave more and more of the drug that we've been addicted to, it comes as no surprise when foul means are used to obtain and/or protect it. We fell victim to Pride's curse a long time ago for a long duration, and have been ashamed for it ever since. Though, it is perhaps this form of happiness that we've been missing. Confidence; it is perhaps the charm and knowing that we lack. So, we agreed to step back to see where we are. And we are... in a rather good foothold. Thus, in light of this recent epiphany, our personal short-term goal now is to let the happiness of what we accomplish ebb, without falling into the false sense of security that we don't need to improve. We must not forget how to be humble and truthful, or we could wind up in a downwards spiral once again. Let us not make the same mistake twice.

May faith and good fortune be with us.


"Beauty emanates from every word that you say; it captures the deepest of thoughts in the purest and simplest of ways." - 'Spell' by Marie Digby

"I'll face myself to cross out what I've become, erase myself and let go of what I've done." - 'What I've Done' by Linkin Park